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Walle load management transmitter unit

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Load management power supply

Effortless charging without worrying about the fuses being blown!

The load management system monitors the property's main fuses and prevents the fuses from being exceeded during charging of the electric car. The load management dynamically adjusts the current of the charger in the 6-16A range, so you don't have to worry about the fuses being exceeded.

The load management transmitter unit can be installed directly behind the property's main fuses (maximum measured fuses 200A). Installation is easy and fast. Several Walle chargers can be connected to the same load management system. The load management system is compatible with Walle16M and Walle64 models.

The load management system includes: Current transformers (3 pieces), transmitter unit with antenna, power source (DIN or plug model)

Additional antennas (1.2 – 10M) are also available separately.