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Walle 25A transformer charging station

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The domestic Walle25A brings more speed to the charging of your 1-phase electric car!

In general, 1-phase charging in households is challenging. The cause of the problem is the common main fuse size (3x25A), which is why 1-phase charging usually remains at 3.6kW power. Walle has solved the problem by utilizing transformer technology. The Walle charger uses a 3-phase socket found in households, which supplies 16 amps of current at 400 volts. Utilizing transformer technology, the charging station converts this electric current into a single-phase current of 25 amps, which achieves a charging power of 6kW. In this way, the charging of a 1-phase electric car can be considerably accelerated without overloading household fuses. The Walle charging device also has an adjustment switch, which can be used to halve the charging power if necessary.

Walle has a stylish white IP44 housing designed for indoor or outdoor use! The cornerstone of the design is reliability and ease of use. All Walle chargers have a 2-year warranty.

Walle25A includes the necessary B-type residual current protection. Walle also has a Type2 socket, so it can be used with the vehicle's own cable, which is also suitable for public charging points. In addition to the Type2 socket, the Walle is equipped with a 16 amp Schuko socket, which can be used, for example, to heat or charge another vehicle.

A safe, easy and domestic alternative!

Perfect for use in, for example: Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Kona, Jaguar I-Pace