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Walle 16M domestic 11kw charging station with load management and energy meter option

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Walle16M is a domestic efficient charging device for electric vehicles intended for wall installation, which can be used indoors or outdoors. The output power is a maximum of 3.6 kW in single-phase and 11 kW in three-phase.

The characteristics of the Walle16M charger include, for example, MID approved energy measurement and dynamic wireless load management.

Note! The device includes a readiness (receiver) for the implementation of wireless load management. With load management ready, the charging device works with 11 kW power (3*16A). After pairing the load management, the adjustment range of the device is 6-16A. The transmitter to be installed in the electrical center is sold separately.

Also suitable for use in housing associations!

The charger includes:
MID approved energy meter (optional)
Ready for wireless load management (receiver, optional)
Fixed 5M long Type2 charging cable
Steel IP54 housing (white)
Built-in DC direct current monitoring

Walle16M Product brochure and technical data (pdf)