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Walle 16A domestic 11kw charging station, pole installation

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Charging cable length
Energy meter
Load management

Walle16A also available as a pole-mounted model!

The power of the charging device is 11 kW with a three-phase connection and 3.6 kW with a single-phase connection. The device also has an adjustment switch that can be used to halve the charging power (8/16A).

Walle16A includes a fixed Type2 charging cable (5/8M), a charging cable holder and a B-type fault current protector. The IP54 construction of the housing is also suitable for outdoor use.

Walle can be easily installed on a 60mm diameter post with the help of a handy adapter.

An energy meter and load management capability can also be selected for the device.

The charger does not include a post!

A safe, easy and domestic alternative!

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