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Go-e Charger Gemini Flex 11kW charging station with mains plug

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An easy-to-use, yet truly versatile electric car charging station. As a novelty, the possibility to adjust the charging according to the price of stock electricity! Product benefits:

- Equipped with a fixed 16A mains plug. So you don't need an electrician for the installation, it's ready for use right away. You can also easily take it with you to the cottage.
- Really versatile remote management with a free mobile application. With the application, you can adjust the power, change the number of charging stages and delay the charging. The device creates its own WiFi network and can also be connected to the property's network, allowing the device to be controlled remotely. However, you don't have to use the application - the basic functions are completely possible without a phone.
- you can install several go-eCharger charging stations in parallel, and for example define the maximum allowed combined power for them. That is, for example, you can install several devices at a workplace or in a housing association and define such limits for them that the main fuse cannot be overloaded under any circumstances.
- The device can be defined as open or closed so that it can only be opened with a phone or RFID tag. 10 different users can be assigned to one device, each of whom gets their own energy measurement.
- With the adapter available as an accessory, you can extend the range of use of the device to standard Suko sockets (note that in this case the charging power decreases and becomes single-phase).
- Also available is the Go-e Controller load management unit, which can be used to adjust the charging power according to the property's other consumption and possible solar electricity production.

Technical information:

- Maximum charging power 11kW (3 x 16A). Single-phase charging power range 1.4-3.7kW; three-phase charging power range 4.2 - 11kW.
- Connection cable 30 cm + plug, 5 x 2.5 mm²
- Weight approx. 1.6 kg, dimensions approx. 15 x 26 x 11 cm
- Protection class IP55 (protected from dust and water spray)
- RCD type B residual current protection (AC 20mA, DC 6mA)
- Made in Austria
- Warranty 5 years

The sales package includes a wall mount, from which the device can be easily taken with you; To prevent theft of the U-piece; RFID card (if you need more than one, please contact us); reset card; a spare fuse and an English user manual.

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Helppo ja monipuolinen

Helppo siirtää talveksi tallin seinälle ja kesäksi ulos. Toimii hienosti Teslan oman type2 kaapelin kanssa. Moderni ilmainen sovellus.

Teslan paras kaveri

Pieni , luotettava ja helposti mukana kulkeva laturi .
Ei häiriöitä ja toimii tessun kanssa luotettavasti . Kymmenen eri käyttäjää mahtuu ja jokaiselle kirjanpito ja historia.
Toimii itsellä niin mökillä kuin matkoilla kunhan 3*16A töpseli löytyy.
Hyödyntää auton omaa kaapelia . Hyvä kännykkä appi .

Go-e Charger Gemini

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