Information about us

We are a small, hopefully growing, one-man company. Actually, it is an exaggeration to talk about "us". Peter here healthy.

Of course, my enthusiasm for electric cars started with my own experience and my first plug-in hybrid Opel Ampera. I noticed how fun and effortless electric car driving is. Based on both the ecology and the driving feel, it seems to be the so-called this day. Currently, I drive an old plug-in Volvo, which is a high-quality and stable car. Still, sometimes I find myself missing the Ampera!

The newest arrivals in my online store are the domestic Walle charging stations manufactured by Traficom. They include suitable models for both households and housing associations, with and without load management. The Austrian Go-e products are also excellent and contain excellent features for their price.

The chargers for the electric car I imported myself come from China. When choosing a supplier, I paid special attention to the factory's ethics and working conditions, and of course, the quality of the products. The products are first class and meet all the criteria set for electrical appliances. This is guaranteed by the TUV ISO9001 and OHSAS certificates.

I strive to do business honestly, transparently and paying special attention to good customer service. I'm not a fan of "it used to be this expensive and now it's this cheap" pricing. That's why my store doesn't show fake discount percentages, but the store prices should already be right. If you found something cheaper, send me a message.

My warehouse is located in Lempäälä, and you can come and pick up your purchases there as well. Getting to know the products before making a purchase decision is also very possible. Call to make an appointment.

Is there something essential missing from the selection, or is it otherwise relevant? Feel free to contact us! / PJ-yhtiot Oy
050 547 5954