Ajastimellista suko-laturia varastossa

Timing suko charger in stock

At the time of writing this, the price of electricity varies quite a bit depending on the time of day. At night, exchange electricity is often a fraction of the price of daytime electricity. Therefore, especially those who pay for their electricity based on exchange electricity should, if possible, charge their cars at night. Of course, charging at night is worthwhile anyway, because it saves electricity and the electricity grid at a time when society needs it the most.

You can usually schedule the charging from the car, but often the adjustment is a bit difficult behind the menus. And that one time when the timer is forgotten to be active behind the menus and the next time you go on a trip the car hasn't been charged, it's sad.

Autonlaturit.com has two solutions for this. In addition to the timed 11kW charger that has been in stock for a long time, we have also stocked a 3.6kW Suko charger with the same functions as the big brother. In addition to the timing, the display shows the charging duration, temperature, voltage and used energy. The latter is a good feature if it is necessary, for example, to pay for electricity to another party.

Both the suko and power current versions have a 24-month warranty and free delivery.